The Moonflowers are out! Our garden is dotted here and there with plants that share varied and interesting providence. Our friend Pete is the son of a true gardening soul and shares his mothers easy lyricism with plants and flowers and manages to take cuttings and seeds from all over the place. This season I ate the figs off a famous woollahra fig (cut down amidst protest decades ago) and we were lucky enough to score a cutting off a cutting. Then we have the Daytura, a cutting taken from a tree in the New Orleans Botanic Gardens during a wild sixties backpacking adventure (Pete carried the cutting wrapped up in his pack for another six months before he hit home). We have poppies from Pete's old workshop in Bathurst and Spider lillies from Judy's house in North Sydney (or maybe these ones were from Bronte House). The moonflowers are my favourite. They are collected and given out as gifts each year when they seed. The shine in the night garden, only blooming once the sun goes down.