Public art : enhanced

I really wanted to title this post Boobs Rock, but then I thought about all those people googling boobs and how disappointed they would be to land here and read about ships and art. It would lead to all sorts of disappointment. I took this shot today on a walk oceanside and it made me whoop. This kind of irreverence is typical Newcastle ratbaggery. I hope it brings joy to many others. This is the end of a public sculpture meant to mark the landing of the coal freighter the Pasha Bulker on Nobbys Beach in 2007. The rest of the work is a fairly pedestrian bit of formal fabrication but this piece here is cut from the massive rudder left behind when the ship was finally hauled off poor old Nobbys Reef*. I clamoured over this rudder in a scrap metal yard that would make a steampunker weep trying to find the right bit. It was pouring with rain, very muddy and the yard was full of treasure. The Lord Mayor was standing off to one side with an umbrella. Those bits of steel were cut up by Council's fabrication crew and I then took them to the forge and made very sweet little memorial ruddlets.

But personally, and for all sorts of reasons, I feel the commemorative Pasha Bulka stubby holder was memorial enough. I have a thing about turning our streets into museums. It drives me nuts.

*I am not the artist. I was just asked to find the right bit of rudder and then make the ruddlets!