The Happy House: Three windows and a door

I was reading the article
'new models for affordable sustainable housing' with an invisible ear
and despite all the clean space between words (charcoal gray) and
the shiny image of a house that will never be mine,
My hand moved towards my tea where it did not hesitate
but gently knocked the mug onto the page
and now murky like the harbour, I knew the aesthete would be displeased.

But, it did correct my mood.

The font (Eurostile) disappeared under the tea
along with all those words about a future where promises are
meaningless under the weight of an income held to ransom.

The Happy House nudges the road with cheery confidence
for one so close to mishap.
This is the house I dream of despite the
earnest promise of all those magazines.
Teal blue is a joyful colour but here, care must be taken as the sensory path
of association can lead you to the laundry basket of a surgeon's scrubs.

Take note of the Happy House where no design
was ever critiqued or measured or workshopped.
Just coincidence in the form of three windows and a door.

(image : Trevor Dickinson, Glebe Road 2291)