Teach your daughters how to catch a ball...and carve

When I was a kid my parents made sure I could catch and throw a ball. It was a priority in our family and very handy for gross motor skills. It was also useful when I started playing cricket with the boys and could successfully get a few wickets. Very important. I was always a little ashamed of those girls trying desperately to grapple with a ball and it was with great pleasure that I heard Prof. David Lubans speak at the recent TEDxNewy about role models for young girls (he's a Dora the Explorer fan) and had a lot to say about getting girls out there and active (also major sentiments in my book Surf Ache). But in our house, it's these gorgeous Spanish chicks that inspire my girls. I think every parent should show this little clip to their daughters. It sparked a frenzy of skating in our house and now both daughters love nothing more than to  carve it up. Thank-you All-Girl's Longboard Crew.

Carving the Mountains from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.