Writers and Illustrators

Our little aquatic powerhouse hit the shelves today. Vinni! master of the deep...
Writing this book was so much fun. Vinni Versus Bluebottle was the vision of illustrator Shane Von Westernhagen and this is his debut book. So congratulations my clever friend! When I started Vinni, I had no idea that what we were doing was actually not the 'normal' collaborative framework. I always thought illustrators and writers worked closely together but when we started pitching Vinni, there was some hesitation from my agent. What if the publisher liked the text and not the images? What if they liked the images but hated the text? We were basically presenting them with a complete package. Normally, a writer writes and then an illustrator is assigned to interpret the words. We took a different approach. I interpreted Shane's drawings and concept. I like to work visually so this presented so many opportunities for me as the images became prompts for the action. Having said that, I didn't feel shackled to the images, I took them in different places and worked back and forth with Shane as he drew more in response to what I'd written. It was a very fun and valuable way of working. As I write this, I have forty new drawings in my inbox for a new Vinni story. Let the next Vinni adventure begin!